Why Light LED?

LED’s make great photos
– A well lit room makes for lovely photographs
– The colors are vivid and bright
– Lighting console control allows you to change the mood an
-Bright colors and the right light will elevate the energy of the room
LED is less expensive
-Most lights have multiple color or other effects, bonus flexibility at the same cost
-Setup is easy and straightforward, reducing labor
-The lights require less cable to set up, reducing accessory costs
-The gear is light weight, reducing transporting costs
LED’s produce minimal heat
– No need to worry about damaging your decorations or melting your wedding cake
– No need to adjust rom heating and cooling to accommodate extra heat from the lights
LED’s require minimal power
– Yeah were green 🙂
– You can do so much more with the electricity in your venue
– No secondary power distribution needed for most applications
– No ugly cables running all over the room
– Some LED lighting can be operated off of battery power, put it literally anywhere.
LED’s are quiet
– Digital dimming means that you don’t need to hear dimmers with fan cooling
– No Fluorescent buzz, No incandescent hum.
– Low power leaves more room for your sound system, plus no EM buzz